Solar Panels

Solar panels are what makes off grid power possible. Solar panels have no moving parts making them maintenance free. This is why Solar Panelssolar panels are so reliable.

The solar industry has fully developed over the last decade creating a large manufacturing market. This market has allowed for solar panels more affordable.

Solar Panel Options

Solar panel options vary by output, origin, aesthetics, and cost:

  • Cost Competitive: Some Electrical supply houses keep UL listed overseas modules available at competitive pricing.
    • Outputs range from 225W to 280W (60 cell).
    • Origin:  Depends on manufacturer. Typically China or Taiwan.
    • Aesthetics:  These panels are available in silver frame with blue cells or all black.
    • Cost: This option is only recommended for consumers interested in taking advantage of low overseas pricing.
  • American Made Solar: Solar World panels made in America are typically high quality and 5-10% more than over-seas solar panels.
    • Output: Outputs range from 250W to 310W (60 cell).
    • Origin: Sometimes panels are only partially made in America. check with the manufactorer for details.
    • Aesthetics: Available in Black and Silver Frame.
    • Cost: This solar panel is a bit more than our overseas panels, however the quality difference is noticeable. This option is recommended for all customers with plenty of available solar areas.
  • High Performance American: LG NeON R Series, SunPower, Panasonic.
    • Output: Outputs range from 300W to 360W.
    • Origin: Current premium panels arent made in America, check with the manufacturer for origins.
    • Aesthetics: These panels are typically Black framed with a black cell. SunPower and LG NeON R series have bus bars on the back of the cell giving and aesthetic advantage.
    • Cost: This solar panel option is the highest cost of the three. This option is considered for customers with small available areas for solar panels.