Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps and Motorssolar-pumps

In rural locations, power is often needed to pump water or other materials. In some cases, a small pump can be accommodated by a Do-It-Yourself solar package. But many times a large or technical pump system is utilized and a customized electrical system is required. Off grid solar can be utilized for pumps and industrial motors that are needed for material extraction in remote locations. System Types:

  • Voltage – The following are provided:
    • 120V Single Phase
    • 120/240V Split Phase
    • 120/208V Three Phase
    • 277/480V Three Phase – Specify whether Delta or Wye is needed.
    • DC Voltages – Some home owners may demand a voltage source that runs at a 24 – 48 Volts DC.
    • Transformers can be utilized to accommodate a specific voltage requirement.


Other Design Considerations:solar-pump-water

  • Peak Demand – What is the maximum demand of watts that you will need at any given time?
  • Daily Usage – How much electricity will the loads consume in a typical day?
  • Dependability – Will a cloudy day without power slide by or is it crucial that power is always guaranteed?