Microgrid – Customer owned electrical grid

Imagine setting up a microgrid community of homes or businesses on remote land or in a rural area far away from the grid and having full access to electricity. MicroGrids are best suited for:

  • Rural neighborhoods from 1 to 10 homes.
  • Business’ that require multiple units or facilities.
  • Lodging facilities such as Hotels, Resorts, and Hostels.
  • Recreational facilities such as Parks, Hunting Leases, and Camp Grounds.

The following Voltages can be provided for microgrid:

  • 120V Single Phase – This voltage is only useful in the Home-Owner does not have any 240 volt loads.
  • 120/240V Split Phase – Home Owners find comfort in this voltage because it is exactly what is provided by the grid. A home can be designed just as if it were on the grid.
  • 120/208V Three Phase
  • 277/480V Three Phase – Specify whether Delta or Wye is needed.microgrid
  • DC Voltages – Some home owners may demand a voltage source that runs at a 24 – 48 Volts DC.