Feasibility: The Grid vs Off Grid

The Grid vs Off Grid

When choosing to purchase solar power, many consumers must first ask the question:  What type of system do I need?

Reasons for going Off the grid:The grid options - off grid explained

  • Grid Accessibility – Many rural locations do not have electricity that is readily available from the local utility. Consumers are often shocked when they realize that they will have to pay for the Power Company to run utility poles to their electrical service. In many cases, an Off Grid System is cheaper than the cost to add utility poles on your property. Not to mention that the electricity consumed from your Off Grid System is free after the up front cost.
  • Technology Advancement – Solar technology is an exciting market. Tech Consumers are taking full advantage of the perks of solar combined with batteries. The real advancement in technology is not the solar module but the Solar Inverter. New advancements in Off Grid Inverters allow for versatility in the system. From custom load shedding to automatic generator support, Off grid Inverters can be customized to meet your demands. The Off grid Inverter can change a standard Grid-Tied Solar System to a large scale UPS (Uniterrupted Power Supply) can still utilize solar power when the grid goes down.
  • Grid Independence –
    • The United States Grid is less developed when compared to other Countries (LOOK UP GRADE AND STUDY FOR REFERENCE). The rapid population growth will only create a larger demand on the Grid, potentially creating more rolling power outages.
    • Less dependence from the Local and Federal Government. Creating your own power can be liberating and a large step towards eliminating reliance on the Government.
    • 21st Century Bomb Shelter – Just as people built bomb shelters in 60s and 70s, many people are looking at Off grid Solar as a possible shelter from any type of Cyber Warfare.


Reasons for staying on the Grid:

The grid tied solar options

  • You are already connected – The foremost reason for going Off the grid is to offset Grid Connection costs. Batteries and Off Grid Equipment are fairly expensive. When you are connected to the grid, there is less financial incentive to going off grid. It is often recommended that a Grid Connected Consumer consider going with a Grid Tied Battery Backup System. A Grid Tied Battery Backup System can backup critical loads and utilize a smaller and less expensive battery bank.

Please visit our article on “The Cost Of Off the Grid Solar” when deciding what type of system is best fit for you. It is safe to say that every Consumer would prefer and Off the grid System, but the investment is often times out of reach for Consumers. When financing is an issue, we encourage our Grid-Connected consumers to consider a “Grid Tied Battery Backup System” or a “Backup Ready Grid tied System”.