New Technologies: Our trip to Intersolar

Our trip to Intersolar 2014 confirmed that energy storage is the future of the power industry. The solar market has had massive growth over the last 10 years and is now a heavy contender with traditional power generation methods. This is especially true when talking about peak demand power, as solar reaches peak production during… Continue reading →

Planning for Off Grid

When planning for off grid, many variables must be taken into consideration: Equipment location – Off grid solar requires many components and each component requires a specific location. Solar Modules – Solar modules need a bright, unobstructed area to best produce electricity. Common locations are the roof of a building and open fields.  Battery Banks… Continue reading →

DC vs AC – Off Grid Systems

Different applications call for different sized systems. At Texas Off Grid, we specialize in customized off grid solar systems. Our systems can vary in production size, capacity, voltage, power demand, and design. The two systems we install are DC and AC Coupled. Coupled is the term used to describe how the solar is interconnected to… Continue reading →