The Texas Off Grid Mission


Learn about off grid solar, energy storage, and generator solutions for homes and businesses.

Off Grid Applications

off the grid home


Off grid power allows for homes and buildings to be built in areas with no utilities.

Off Grid Living

solar panels on a farm


Off grid power is available in 240 Volt and 208 Volt for commercial applications.

Off the Grid Business

microgrid with solar power

Micro Grid

Multiple off grid systems can be interconnected to form a microgrid.


solar for pump jack

Pumps and Motors

Pump-jacks, water wells, and various other remote loads can utilize off grid power.

Solar Pumps

Off Grid Components

off grid solar panels

Solar Panels

Solar Power is the most reliable option for off grid applications.

Solar Panels

off grid energy inverters

Power Conditioning

Off Grid systems typically include power conditioning equipment.

Off Grid Power

off grid energy storage

Energy Storage

Energy storage provides power during night hours and cloud cover.

Solar Batteries

off grid generators


Optional Generators can help minimize off grid battery banks.

Solar Generators

Off Grid Solar - Learn More!

Our "Basics" section offers basic explanations on off grid power, solar power, batteries, and more. After you have learned the off grid basics:

  • How off grid works - Solar power combined with energy storage is the reliable solution for power in remote areas. Off Grid systems offer Energy Independence and are eligible for generous incentives.
  • Solar Panels Explained - Solar Power is the most reliable renewable energy available. Solar power also benefits from being essentially maintenance-free.
  • Solar Battery Types - Batteries (energy storage) make off grid solar possible. Battery types come in all shapes and sizes, allowing for unique designs in various applications.

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